Challenge 10- Final Challange- Blog Evaluation

My Evaluation Of My Blog:

Q) How many posts did you write?

A) I wrote 10 posts this year.

Q) How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?

A) All of my posts that I did were assigned to. All of them are for the Student Blogging Challenge.

Q) How many comments did you recieve from classmates, teachers or overseas students?

A)  I recieved about 10 comments from people. About seven of them are from my classmates and my teacher.I recieved three from overseas bloggers. They commented on them to tell me that they were happy that I picked their blog to visit and also to give me feedback.

Q) Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?

A) I didn’t have a most with more than one comment. People commented on all of my posts so they all had an equal amount. I think this because the ones that seem interesting, I think people comment on.

Q)Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?

A) I liked writing the post about the jobs. I am not sure why, It just related to me the most I think. It also was fun and not boring. I also enjoyed writing the post about my passions. I liked using the images and making it colorful.

Q) Did you change themes at all and why?

A) I didn’t change themes at all, but I did change the colors and stuff. I changed the header image a lot and I changed the colors to match it.

Q) How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?

A) I have nine widgets and I think it is a good amount. It doesn’t make my blog look to crowded and it doesn’t make it look to plain.

Q) How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?

A) I have three overseas students on my blogroll.

Interview About My Blog (I interviewed my mom):

Q) What were your first impressions of this blog?

A) I thought it was colorful and very girly. I like the colors you used and how you organized your posts.

Q) What captured your attention?

A) The subtitle was creative and you put your own twist to it.  (“Live life at its finest” is my subtitle) The bright colors in the header image also caught my attention.

Q) What distracted you on the blog?

A) I think the sidebars distracted me the most. When they are next to the posts, it is a lot of information. The blog is very organized though.

Q) What suggestions can you give me to improve your blog?

A) I think it looks fine the way it is. It is appealing to the eye and very organized. If there was something to improve, it would be to move the calendar up higher towards the top of the blog.


Challenge Week 9 – Game Two

I read and found a lot of good posts, but these are my three favorite. I like this post by Ethan because I liked how he added links to all the people that he would like to visit and ask questions to. I also liked his questions he wants to ask the people and I liked how restated the assignment for that week. The other blog I liked was Sasha’s blog. I liked this blog about the people that she would meet because I liked how she added pictures of the people. I also like the questions that she wants to ask the people. I LOVED this post. I think she has an amazing blog and does amazing posts. She puts a lot of time into them. She interacts with people and does a great job at blogging.

Blogging Challenge Week 6- Online Information

When I googled my name it brings up my facebook account. When I googled my name under images, my profile picture, a picture of me and my volleybal team, and a picture of me planting a tree for earth day popped up. My cell phone number, email address, and my birthdate is online. They are on Facebook. People can easily find me or contact me because of the type of imformation online about me. I did not realize how easy it was to find someone.

Challenge Week 5- Secrets

The secret in the forest is that a oger lived there. His name was Olli.  He lived in a huge tree house made out of mold, tree sticks, and leaves. He loved a fairy named Hazelnut. Together they had a kid named Giona. Nobody knew they lived in the forest and they wanted to keep it like that. They loved spending time together as a family. Together they caught frogs to eat their eyeballs, played catch will turtles, and danced. Giona loved to dance. She was green, plump, wore a tutu, had pigtails, beautiful purple eyes, wings, horrible toe nails, and horrible breath. Hazelnut loved to go to the garden and make flowers go. She loved to dance right before the sun came up to make sure all the animals in the forest had a great day. Olli’s favorite food was raw monkey. He enjoyed spending time with his beautiful princess, Giona. That’s the story about the secret family who lived in the forest.

Challenge 4- Passion Images

I have a lot passions. Here are some of the passions i enjoy.

Who Am I? Number 10 – Challenge 1

  1. Taylor Swift- Why are all of your songs about love?
  2. Katy Perry- Why did you start singing?
  3. Selena Gomez- How did you become so popular?
  4. Miley Cyrus- Was it hard to handle the fans that don’t like you?
  5. Skylar Astin- How are you so attractive?
  6. Albert Einstein- Why are you so smart?
  7. Gabby Douglas- How did you become so flexible and able to do the stuff you do?
  8. Walt Disney- Why was Disney World your dream?
  9. Jackson Pollock- Why do you love art?

Number 10 – Blogging Challenge 2

  1. Verternarian I love working with animals so I think that it would be fun.

  2. Speech Therapy- I want to wokr with kids with trouble talking. I would love that job.

  3. Teacher- I love working with kids and I would love to teach them.

  4. Singer- I love singing and I think singing on stage would be fun.

  5. Photographer- I LOVE taking pictures and selling them for money would be awesome.

  6. Painter- I think painting huge walls and canvases would be really fun to do because I love getting messy.

  7. Dentist- I think teeth would be cool to work with. I would like to work with braces and stuff because I hate blood.

  8. Children’s Book Author- I love to write and drawing pictures would be fun.

  9. Professional Athlete- I love to play sports and getting paid for playing them would be so cool.

  10. Wedding Planner- I love going to parties especially weddings. I think helping planning them for people would be a really fun job to have.

Exploring Website Ideas

One site I found interesting was the “Alexander Design”. I liked it because it was colorful and it used bright colors. The quotes that were on there were displayed well and it had a cool design. The other site I liked was Ann Wo Photography.I liked it because the pictures she took were very good. I also liked it because the way they displayed the photos was cool.I liked the colors of the website and it was very neat. Those are the two sites I found interesting.